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Hello, I’m Omar and welcome to my work portfolio. 

I’m an enthusiastic videographer committed to producing high-quality video content that captivates people through cinematic imagery. I make sure I’m aware of the intended purpose and audience so I can tailor-make content that hits all targets. To do this, I make detailed plans in pre-production, execute purposeful camera work in production and follow through with slick editing, colour graded images and handpicked music tracks in post-production.

At university I studied media production and was told to create media products across an array of content types and mediums. Continuing on from this I have since specialised in the video content but worked across different video content such as narrative, commercial, corporate documentary, music, sports and events. This has allowed me to explore various styles. Social media video, high-end TV and 360° VR production are mediums I have worked in, furthering my learning, experimentation, and cross-platform versatility, allowing me to be comfortable working on a diverse range of video content and mediums whilst still being able to bring my own creative flair and relentless hard work.

I enjoy keeping up to date with latest camera and supplementary camera equipment releases. It serves me to learn the technological advancements being made in the industry because helps me identify the specific equipment I need for individual projects and how I can experiment in video creation. It’s interesting to me to see the amazing innovations and new technologies available now at the various levels of product, from entry level to high-end professional equipment. I keep up to date by watching YouTube review videos, reading review articles and testing equipment when possible.

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